Take over pre-wholesale logistics, and ease the burden of the customer through the management of upstream logistics processes.

The Challenge

Our client, a medium-sized company with licensing agreements for the sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, which had originally carried out its own logistics, now wanted to concentrate on its core business of sales and marketing.

Specifically, there was a need for coordination between the upstream flow of goods and the deliveries to our warehouse, which in this case was used as a central warehouse.

Our Solution

We took over these tasks, and in addition to the improved logistical control, were also able to realize cost-saving effects in transport for the customer.

We took over execution of the entire logistics process, including ordering and invoicing. With the help of the Kwizda pharmaceutical distribution online portal, our customer got immediate and direct access to key inventory, shipping, and sales data. We were able to satisfy this customer over the long term with high levels of service and the lowest error rates.