Imagine a warehouse where your sensitive biotech product never has to leave the cold chain. We have realized the dream of your Quality Manager for you with our TOR Zero®* approach.

TOR Zero® stands for "Time Out of Refrigeration" and describes the cold chain concept that we have implemented for you at our Leopoldsdorf location. We guarantee controlled temperature conditions from 2 to 8 °C at every point in the flow of goods (loading dock, receiving, storage, and dispatch). So your product is within the predetermined temperature range until it reaches your customer.

Maximum product stability at room temperature remains for the patient. At the same time, we relieve you of quality management tasks including management of temperature deviations and the drafting of SOPs to define maximum allowable out-of-range times. So you have more time for the essentials.

Clear Focus on Your Needs

In addition, we have mapped out the area of cold logistics as our own Competence Centre, not only in terms of space, but also organisationally and with specially trained personnel. Thus we make sure that our employees - in addition to their professional skills – are well versed in the products of our principals, and identify with them.

Profit from our cold chain excellence

We continually prove our cold logistics expertise:

  • TOR Zero® through refrigerated ramps as well as receiving- and dispatch zones
  • Expertise in local and international 2 to 8°C transport
  • Expertise in frozen goods (less than -21°C) handling and dry ice packing systems
  • Expertise in the choice and operation of passive packing systems
  • Expertise in handling with temperature logging
  • Our own climate-controlled cabinet for the qualification of passive packing systems