The smooth distribution of your products to your customers is our business. You profit from our expertise and years of experience in pharma-prewholesale.

One size fits none

We will gladly create an individually tailored package for you from our catalog of services. Finding an optimal solution that is geared to the needs of your business is important to us. We design efficient process interfaces, so they cause no slowdowns in your operations.


Inventory Management


Our inventory management services include monitoring of agreed reserves of inventory, triggering of reorders, and inventory optimization, taking into account the required service levels, lead times, volatility in sales, and much, much more.


Collection of goods


So, you have a network of  contracted manufacturers for your products and would like to keep the legally compliant transport and delivery of your products under your control? We can support you with our expertise in international pharmaceutical transport and our network of qualified transport service providers.




Receiving is the basis of precision and efficiency in prewholesale. The immediate identification of defects and deviations upon delivery prevents lengthy correction processes, creating the best possible risk-limitation for your suppliers.

We offer you the following additional services upon receipt of goods, as needed:

  • Readout of temperature logs, including review of temperature data
  • Sampling
  • Packaging inspection according to your SOP
  • Retention of samples
  • Documentation control of available stock before booking



In our 10,000 m2 distribution center, we have implemented the highest GDP- und safety requirements, and make available our ample storage capacity in the temperature ranges:

  • 15-25°C
  • 2-8°C
  • -15°C - -25°C
  • less than -21°C

In addtion, we offer the necessary expertise and capacity for the storage of narcotics, as well as psychotropic and hazardous substances.




The ordering process decides how your company is perceived in the market. We undertake this for you, and place great importance on the accurate recording of all order details, conditions, payment terms, and other essential data.

Do you want a unique corporate image for your company, with a clear focus on your customers? Do you value a cost-optimized solution and can incorporate our standardized procedures? No matter which option you choose, we have the perfect solution for you.


Picking & Packing


High quality combined with cost-efficiency is no contradiction for us, but rather the challenge we face in the pharma- and GDP-firld every day.

To overcome this, we have developed our pure process approach. Through standardization and appropriate use of IT, we create the basis for the lowest error rates in shipping and storage.




Based on the specific requirements of your products and destinations, we choose the right transport solution from our pool of qualified transportation providers.

We advise you on the decision between active temperature-controlled pharmaceutical delivery and passive cooling systems. As a result, we act as your quality department and an expert contact partner for the conditions and limitations of chosen transport solutions.


Invoicing and bookkeeping


We reproduce your customer-specific, flexible payment terms in our SAP system, and perform the billing "on your behalf".

At the same time, you can keep track of your sales data through our online portal and daily data excerpts.

Our monthly reporting on your clients with negative balances also helps to proactively control your default risks.


Returns Processing


We ensure the compliance of the returns process to legal, and also your internal, regulations by defining responsibility for the following aspects clearly:

  • Commercial management of customers and credits
  • Complaint procedures for regulatory purposes, eg adverse event reporting
  • Avoiding the inclusion of counterfeits in your supply chain